A magic place

The Cradle
Of Soul

A magic place

Nestled in the spectacular volcanic landscape of southern Tenerife, the village of Cuna del Alma is an oasis inviting you to savour the moment. Naturally sheltered from three sides, the bay’s stretched out arms reach far into the sea, safe-guarding the beach, like a private refuge. Salt air ignites your senses and the sea breeze carries the hint of new connections.

Set Off
To New Roots

Hippie Heritage

Historically the choice destination of peace-seeking globetrotters the iconic La Caleta beach near Cuna del Alma in Tenerife is legendary for its hippy, commune style living boasting a heritage of eco-consciousness in synergy with the dramatic natural backdrop surrounding it. But these libertine nomads aren’t the first to discover the magic of hidden gems like the magical dramatic cliffs of La Caleta. Centuries ago, the Guanches, the native people of Tenerife, brought life to these sacred places all across the island and imparted them with a significance that is still present today.

The idyllic location of Tenerife is imbued with the promise of eternal spring, where pristine sandy beaches and natural turquoise pools offer enchanting hideaways. 
Tenerife’s special micro climate renews your soul – everyday.
The Beach House aerial view

Gather Your
Tribe Around You

The Beach House

Life at Cuna del Alma’s Beach House is where the spirit lives and dances, resonating with a welcoming, collective energy. Connecting the expansive, open beach with the residential areas, the Beach Club is the heart of the village. Deepen connections and explore ideas with worldly strangers who share the same path and you’ll be glad you’ve blazed a new trail in this hyper-inclusive space. 

the Beach House pool deck
the Beach House sea view
Relish the magnificent stretch of sand and clear waters as you witness a new future unfolding before your eyes.
the Beach House view from the sea
the Beach House, inside the bar
Discover the scene, the inspired style and the beats of your life. It’s a match made in heaven.
the Beach House sea view from inside the bar
The sunset bar entrance

A Taste Of Summer

Granjero Marinero,
The Organic Restaurant

Perched on a cliff overlooking the surrounding nature and vast sea, the spectacular location of  “Granjero Marinero” restaurant invites you to celebrate sustainable and seasonal cuisine. Supplied with sourced crops from the neighbouring farm, the welcoming dishes are characterized by a deep respect for local recipes, soul-nurturing ingredients and a passionate team.

The sunset bar front view
Granjero Marinero, sea view
Outstanding and delicious. Sunset included.
Granjero Marinero, The Organic Restaurant
The Rock Pool aerial view

The Natural
Spoil Zone

Rock Pool

Discover the exclusive jewelled centrepiece of this island hub – a glistening turquoise rock pool close to the pristine beach. 

Take the time to enjoy the refreshing communal aquatic playground at the heart of the Cuna Del Alma’s global community. The seamless transition between this luxury cooling-off spot and the luxury residencies surrounding it, allows one to reconnect to nature with an urban spirit.

The Rock Pool view from above

A Feast For
The Senses

The Farm

On the farm, a symbiotic selection of herbs, fruits, and vegetables unite to unlock a unique sensory experience for Cuna del Alma inhabitants. Local traditional crops such as papayas, potatoes, avocados, figs, bananas and mangoes will grow calmly under the Canarian sun.

Farm-to-table at Cuna del Alma means that as much as possible from our own garden finds its way onto our own plates.
A farmer planting potatoes
A lady making her own cheese
The Spa cave view from above

Heaven On Earth

The Spa

Treat yourself to transformation with a visit to our Spa, offering a suite of luxury treatment services.

A Save Haven For
Little Adventurers

The Kids Club

Give your children the opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime. Inspired by the revolutionary Montessori pedagogy, the kids club at Cuna del Alma allows your child to exercise their creativity and develop their imagination in an environment that is in synergy to their needs and rhythms.

A group of kids

Embracing Creative

Artists in Residence

With its diverse, otherworldly landscape and soothingly warm climate, Tenerife is the place to flee for artists – with a poetic footprint creating a path of creative possibility, the island is a frontier for sculptural design and cross-disciplinary creative expression. Cuna del Alma invites exceptional creatives to gather and contribute to the community. The main focus lies on the human connection fostered through curated encounters, workshops and artist talks that stimulate conversations on enduring creativity and shared visions. Possibility becomes reality.

A woman painting
The Artist-in-residence program at Cuna del Alma gives artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments.
Self-made jewelry
A man climbing

The Elements

Outdoor Adventures

Being active on Tenerife isn’t just simple physical exercise, but a chance to refuel and reset whilst competing with the elements. Catch a glimpse of the planet’s ancient fires while cycling through the dynamic ancient volcano plains of the Teide National Park. Align yourself with the obsidian earth while climbing the towering rocky canyons.

A man surfing
A man riding a bike
Two people walking

We Respect
Mother Nature


Opening a new, sustainable way of life, Cuna Del Alma connects you to the ­verdant surroundings thanks to our ­sustainable farm initiative, offering ­exclusive access to ­community grown organic seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Our sound vision reflects the deep respect we have for our planet. We invite you to explore how we champion positive change through conscious living in our signature brochure. Please contact us.

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