Eco Manifesto

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We believe in a tourism model that applies itself in harmony with its surroundings. Respectful with its environment, sustainable, to be enjoyed by present and future generations.

We are passionate about Tenerife, its people, its volcanic landscape and amazing contrasts. We will prioritize local products and put its people first, creating around 750 new jobs in the process.

We will always follow environmental focused planning and protect biodiversity. Integration is part of our DNA.

We are aiming at restoring a natural balance, reviving a landscape damaged by humans while applying low-density architecture at the same time.

We value the sea, and its contribution to life and beauty. We are striving to include a recovery programme to restore the original beach, preserve the local marine environment, and protect the ‘boba’ turtle.

We want our social and environmental commitments to become our legacy, enjoyed by generations to come. Setting a benchmark for sustainability by building with ecological materials, based on international practices (GREEN or LEED).