Frequently Asked

Who are the initiators of the project?

The project is an initiative taking by different investors, including two Belgian families, who already have a long experience in creating high-qualitative hotels and resorts on the Island. They feel personally strongly connected to the island. The whole project nonetheless is executed by a local Spanish team. This allows us to keep close contact with the local community of Tenerife.

Where does Cuna Del Alma stands for?

This new project seeks to become a benchmark for a new tourism model on the Canary Islands, not only architectural but also in the way it will be run.

Located in Puertito de Adeje, at the southwest coast of Tenerife, it is an accommodation proposal focused on a new generation of first class travelers and secondary home-owners who seek comfort, who want to escape from overcrowding, but also feel they have a responsibility; both ecological and social!

What will be build?

Cuna Del Alma includes low-rise beach flats, small houses and villas, ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. All have been conceived from a perspective for respect for the environment and integration with the landscape. The total site covers an area of 500.000 square meters, but the Cuna Del Alma project itself only occupies a third of this area. This means there is a lot of nature and open space.

The project is situated next to a nature reserve, but in no way the project will affect any of this area!

Ecological :

Right from the start the developers wanted Cuna Del Alma to be a benchmark for sustainability. All buildings are designed, build and certified in accordance with strict international independent and highly respected bodies such as the GREEN star or LEED rating system.

  • For the low rise buildings, the use of environmentally friendly materials, efficient lighting, photovoltaic production or an environmentally friendly irrigation system is included, through the use of water obtained from local recycled water treatment plants.

  • Cuna del Alma also carries out important improvements in the area, both in terms of landscaping, services for neighbors and public infrastructures. In this sense, it also includes a recovery program and the creation of a marine laboratory to help protect the loggerhead turtle, affected by the uncontrolled presence of boats and onlookers.

    Will the beach remain accessible for all?

Yes! The project also involves the total clean-up and recovery of the beach, who remains public domain, removing all the existing concrete walls to make it larger. The sand required to recover the beach will be entirely natural and will come from the tidal sand flows.

As to infrastructure and services in the area, a complete network of sewage, electricity, water and telecommunications will be built. New pedestrian communication routes will also be created and one of the parcels near the beach will have a public parking lot with 150 parking spaces.

This project, therefore, aims to recover the soul of this emblematic beach in the south of Tenerife, enhancing its natural character and restore the significant deterioration in recent years caused due to uncontrolled human action.

An artist retreat and home-grown vegetables

Cherry on the cake will be the creation of a space on-site in which artists, such as musicians, but also painters, sculptors or dancers, can retreat themselves for a longer period in order the work on a specific project. The spaces will be put at their disposal at an advantageous rates. In exchange, the residents of Cuna Del Alma will be able to be involved in the artistic progress through concerts, workshops or exhibitions.

Another mid-term project is to put back in to use the neglected farmland, situated within the Cuna Del Alma 500.000 square meters compound. Sustainable farming will be key, giving priority to cultivation of domestic crops and fruits that will be used in the restaurants of the site.

When will Cuna Del Alma will welcome its first guests?

Planned opening in 2025.

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